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The final IFS`XVI Program!

Topics & Invited Speakers


♦ f- and d-ions in crystalline and non-crystalline insulators and semiconductors, energy transfer
♦ electron-phonon interaction, dynamics, relaxation of excited states
♦ optical-microwave spectroscopy
magnetic resonance spectroscopy, spectroscopy of nanocrystals
♦ cooperative processes, coherent phenomena
♦ nonlinear  spectroscopy
♦ probing of organic and bio-materials
♦ charge transfer phenomena and charge ordering
♦ solid-state lasers, scintillators, phosphors
♦ crystal- chemical aspects of developing of new materials
♦ spectroscopy of photonic crystals


Invited Speakers

Andries Meijerink

  Modelling energy transfer in rare earth doped crystals and nano-crystals
Sergey Feofilov   Inhomogeneous Broadening: Symmetry of Centers and Disorder in Solid Solutions and Nanocrystals
Valerii Zapasskii   Advances in Optical Detection of Magnetization
Sophia Klokishner   Origin of Magnetic Anisotropy  in Single Molecule and Single Chain Magnets containing nd and 4f ions with Unquenched Orbital Angular Momenta
Marina Popova   Antiferromagnetic dichroism in a complex multi-sublattice magnetoelectric CuB2O4
Anshel Gorokhovsky   Optical laser saturation in polarized micro-luminescence of optical centers in cubic crystals
Philippe Goldner   to be announced later
Vladimir Hizhnyakov   Advanced theory of zero-phonon line
Sergey Nikitin   Site-selective optical spectroscopy and EPR of rare earth impurities in multi-sublattice SrY2O4 single crystals

Marco Bettinelli

  Energy transfer processes in Terbium-based oxide materials doped with Eu3+
Renata Reisfeld   Recent methods for intesifying Luminescence of Rare Earth in Condesed Phase
Jeremie Teyssier   Lattice coupling stabilizes spin orbital order in tetragonal Sr2VO4
Paul van Loosdrecht   Ultrafast 4f magnetism in EuO
Andrei Pimenov   Optical activity and non-reciprocal effects in multiferroics
Mike Reid   to be announced later
Konstantin Pukhov   Radiative properties of emitters placed near and inside core-shell nanoparticles
Dirk van der Marel   to be announced later
Nikolai Rosanov   Parametric excitation of electromagnetic field and dynamical Casimir effect
Georges Boulon   Distribution of Yb3+ ions in transparent ceramics analyzed by optical spectroscopy and TEM-EDX techniques
Evgeniy Dianov   Bi-doped optical fibers: a new promising active medium for near IR lasers
Bernard Barbara   to be announced later
Alexander Moskvin   DFT, L(S)DA, LDA+U, LDA+DMFT. . . , whether we do approach to a proper description of optical response for  strongly correlated systems?
Valeriy Arbuzov   to be announced later
Roman Pisarev   to be announced later
Daniil Khomskii   to be announced later